Total Knowledge for Everyone
ʺLet us mould your children′s future and prepare them for leadership in the worldʺ

Consciousness Based–Atma Based System of Ideal Education at Maharishi Vidya Mandir School integrates the theory and practice of Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field–the self-referral field of consciousness to achieve outstanding results. This system of education has already been tested, perfected and validated throughout the world. The following subjects are introduced at every grade level in schools in phases:

  • Maharishi Vedic Science
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Language
  • Arts
  • Music, Dance & Painting

Faculty and Students practice Transcendental Meditation Technique for a few minutes twice a day, before the class and after the class, thereby refreshing before entering the class and returning home fresh. Being a CBSE affiliated school, we follow conventional curriculum in Hindi/Regional Language/English medium. In addition to this, provision has been made for learning Sanskrit as a compulsory subject. Students are also being given knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Science, Yog, Indian traditions and culture.


The school has a good library which is in the process of digitalization. At present the library has 4200 books which support its curriculum. Further, it provides suitable documents and information helpful in educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school.


The school has a composite science laboratory that allows students to work practically and solve scientific queries in a practical manner. The laboratory is well equipped with all scientific instruments which are necessary for students to carry out their practical experiments.


The school has a well designed lab which provides computer services resulting in improvement of the student's learning and basic skill area. The lab consists of 28 desktops and is fully spacious having air conditioners.


The school has a well equipped activity room which is used for the purpose of rendering music and dance classes to the students. Apart from it Yoga and meditation programs are also carried out in the activity room.


The school has a well equipped indoor game room which provide facilities to play indoor games like chess table tennis and carom.


Every class has one period allotted to games and physical training in the form of Yoga and exercise. Apart from outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, kho-kho, badminton, basketball there are facilities for indoor games like chess, table tennis and carom etc.


Various competitions and workshops are held in the school at regular intervals that helps the students to participate in the regional and national meets of Maharishi group of schools. Workshops have been conducted on debate, dance and music.


Art and craft classes are held for every week which helps the students to develop their creative and aesthetic skills.


Students are taken on regular field trips to various places having educational values, so that they can get practical in hand knowledge of the subject.


Maharishi Vidya Mandir Public School-III has Eco club, Maths Club, Science Club and Health and Wellness clubs which cater to all round growth of the students. Under the Eco club, students are nurtured with values and importance of how to preserve environment. Further, every year this club celebrates the World Environment Day on 5th of June. The students are also educated about recycle process of waste products. Under the Maths club, various activities are done like solving magic square, multipurpose game by using a paper clock, fun with quiz, making a house by using different kinds of 2D shapes, paper plate clock, making 3D shape by using art paper and concept of model making. Under the aegis of science club, students are engaged in various activities like poster making competition related to scientific topics. This club celebrates National Pollution Prevention day, International Science Day, World Aids Day, and National Science Day by holding seminars, quiz compactions and model making competitions. The Health and wellness club has been playing an important role in making care of the overall mental, physical health of its students. In this club, students are educated regarding values of good health and importance of hygiene. Regular counselling sessions are held under the club to solve the issues related to mental health of children and measures are suggested accordingly. Maharishi Vidya Mandir-III has one Grievance Redressal Committee which looks after the complaints of teachers and students so as to ensure safety and security for all its students and faculties and staff.